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Frequently Asked Questions

With purchasing our services your IOS App will gain 100% real people reviews and installs, thus will be boosted in the App store Top New Free rankings very fast. After your App’s keywords rankings will increase, it will start getting a ton of organic traffic daily.

Just choose the package that suits you the most and insert your App’s direct IOS Store Link with your Email. After proceeding the payment, you will receive an email from us about your app promotion campaign being started.

After your campaign will be finished, we will send you the full report containing each Review provided by our service. In addition, you will be able to track them using your IOS Store Account or the App Store page.

We do follow the rules of App Store completely with the guarantee that all our installs do come from real people and real Itunes accounts. They all have unique IDs and different devices.

We don't have any restrictions for your apps besides that it should be Free at App Store. We would not work with Paid apps, with APKs, with affiliate/tracking links. Only direct App Store URLs.